Tasha K’s Net Worth 2022 – Blogger, YouTuber & TV Personality

Tasha K's net worth

Tasha K is a blogger, YouTuber, and TV personality born in Panama City on March 10, 1982. As of the year 2022, her total assets come to a sum of two million dollars. Cardi B, the rapper, recently succeeded in a federal libel lawsuit filed by Tasha and was paid $1.25 million as a settlement for her win.

Cardi B was previously accused of creating fake claims, but she just won the case. Tasha has a highly successful channel on YouTube called UnWine with Tasha K, which features wine reviews and other related content. Since she first introduced it to the public in 2015, more than 450 thousand individuals have become subscribers to her channel on YouTube.

Tasha K's net worth in 2022

The life story of Tasha K.

Tasha K, who became famous on YouTube, was born in the United States on March 10, 1982. Her birthday is March 10. UnWine with Tasha K is her popular YouTube channel, in which she discusses a variety of topics, including wine and popular culture.

Because of her online series with the same name, which is about pop culture and news and features her ranting while drinking wine, she has gained a lot of popularity in that region.

Tasha K.’s personal life includes the fact that she was brought up in a Christian household and is a devout churchgoer. People get the impression that she does not have a significant other since she rarely discusses her personal life.

Tasha has recently been in the news because rapper Cardi B won a federal libel action against her and was given $1.25 million in compensation for her defamation of character. Tasha was accused of making false remarks. She shares a lot of content on social media, and one of the things she talks about most often is how she spends time with her family.


Bio / Wiki
Full NameTasha K
OccupationYouTube Star
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1982
Place of BirthPanama City, FL
Star SignPisces
CountryUnited States


According to our information on file, Tasha K is likely not married and has never been engaged in the past.

We are unaware of anybody Tasha K. may have been involved with in the past. You may be able to assist us in determining when Tasha K was born.

Religion, Politics, and Ethnicity

Many individuals are curious about Tasha K.’s racial and ethnic background, as well as her country and heritage. Let’s check it out! Tasha K is Not Known, at least according to publicly available resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia. We will revise this page so that it better reflects Tasha K’s beliefs about religion and politics.


After beginning to upload hilarious videos on YouTube, Tasha K quickly rose to the top of the popularity ranks. The first video she ever posted to her channel on YouTube was published by her on August 6, 2015.

Since then, more than 192 million people have seen her videos, and she has generated a significant amount of material for the internet in the form of videos. Tasha has just uploaded a video to her YouTube channel with the title “Tasha K. Honors a Single Mom (ScentBird Sponsored),” which may be seen by anybody interested in doing so. Just just four hours, there have already been more than 28,000 individuals who have seen the movie.

Tasha’s new web series and videos, in which she explores many aspects of popular culture, have helped her gain a substantial number of fans. However, there are a handful of her movies that have gotten her into problems, despite the fact that the bulk of her fans have a good response to the vast majority of her films.

In March of 2019, the artist Cardi B initiated legal action against the lady because, according to Cardi B’s allegations, the woman had posted critical comments about Cardi B on YouTube. Cardi B was reportedly victorious in a libel lawsuit launched against Tasha K on Monday, January 24, 2022, and was given a total of $1.25 million in damages as a result of the case.

Income Source

 She is most known for her YouTube channel, UNWINEWITHTASHAK, where she shares videos in which she laughs and drinks wine while discussing the latest entertainment and celebrity news. The channel has a total audience of 996 thousand viewers.

Because it features exclusives on some of Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses, this channel is consistently ranked as one of the most intriguing of its type.

The channel has more than a million members and broadcasts a diverse selection of videos, including entertaining content and news on well-known figures.

Idol Net Worth estimates that Tasha K has a net worth of $1.5 million as a result of the popularity of her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2015. Tasha K established her channel in 2015.

On Instagram, the 38-year-old woman has more than 300,000 followers who keep up with her posts. She also shares photographs of sponsorship deals she has with numerous businesses, which contributes to her already considerable wealth.


Tasha was found guilty by a federal jury of invasion of privacy and deliberate infliction of emotional distress, and they determined that she should be sentenced to a hefty fine in the amount of $1.25 million.

In March of this year, Cardi said that Tasha was making up allegations against her, and she accused Tasha of doing so.

Tasha referred to Cardi as a prostitute who had absconded from her husband and called her names. Cardi also acknowledged doing cocaine and having herpes and HPV, which she mentioned in her confession.

It was said that Tasha began making negative comments about Cardi when she uploaded a video on her channel on YouTube in the month of April 2018.

On the other side, Asha made an attempt to submit her own complaint against Cardi, but Cardi vehemently denied that she had committed any wrongdoing. She filed a formal complaint against the rapper, alleging that the latter intentionally made her feel ill by conspiring to have negative things written about her on the internet.

In 2019, Cardi B filed a lawsuit against K in the United States District Court for the State of Georgia, alleging that K had defamed her, invaded her privacy, and caused her mental distress internationally. She spread rumours about Cardi B that were untrue and damaging, such as the rumours that she was a prostitute, did cocaine, and had herpes.

Cardi B initially received $250,000 to assist with the payment of her medical expenses; however, the parties decided to reduce the sum to $25,000. Cardi B expressed gratitude to the jury for rendering a decision that was both just and fair.

Tasha K Net Worth

Salary and net worth details for Tasha K: Tasha K is a popular figure on YouTube who has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million. Tasha K. was born on March 10, 1982, in the city of Panama City.

UnWine with Tasha K is her popular YouTube channel, in which she discusses a variety of topics, including wine and popular culture. Because of her online series with the same name, which is about pop culture and news and features her ranting while drinking wine, she has gained a lot of popularity in that region.

Tasha k net worth 2022

Net Worth:$2 Million
Full NameTasha K
Monthly Income$25,000+
Annual Income$300,000+
FactorsYouTube, Brands
CountryUnited States
Last Updated2022


She is a big deal on social media and a fan of popular culture at the same time. Her online news series and pop culture chats, in which she yells and drinks wine, have garnered a great deal of attention.

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