Joe Francis Net Worth 2022 – American Filmmaker & Businessman

Joe Francis Net Worth

Joe Francis is the nickname that most people give to Joseph R. Francis. American businessman and filmmaker. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 1, 1973. Francis launched Girls Gone Wild.

In addition to that, he conceptualised brand-new movies and television shows. The production department of Real TV was Joseph’s first workplace when he began his career as an assistant.

In addition to this, he is well-known for starting the entertainment brand Girls Gone Wild and being the guy who was responsible for making it. After that, he made a highly successful direct-to-video picture called Banned From Televisions and distributed it.

In spite of the fact that Joe Francis has achieved great success, he has also been mentioned in the media in connection with legal issues. It has been determined that he is responsible for a multitude of offences, some of which include tax evasion and bribery, while others include child abuse and prostitution.

The earnings of Joe Francis

The Early Life of Joe Francis

Raymond and Maria Francis welcomed their son Joe into the world on April 1, 1973, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. His mother was born in Austria but raised in the United States.

Before he started the third grade, he and his family had relocated from New York to Newport Beach, California. As a city, Newport Beach may be found in the Golden State of California.

After attending Our Lady Queen of Angels Elementary School in Newport Beach, he went on to attend a few other residential institutions in the years that followed. Following that, he relocated to Laguna Beach, where he enrolled in the Laguna Beach High School district.

He attended many different boarding schools when he was a youngster growing up in the state of California. Later, he studied film and TV production at USC.

Joe Francis Biography

He later got a BA in film and TV production from USC. It is under his professional identity, Joe Francis, that he is recognised all over the globe. Later, he attended USC to study film and TV production.

His mother was from Austria, while his father was originally from the United States. After 7 years in Atlanta, he moves to Newport Beach, California. After that, he moved to Newport Beach, where he spent his childhood and completed his secondary education.

Since he was a young child, Francis has spent time in a variety of educational settings, most of which have been boarding institutions. He also started working part-time at a shop that specialised in selling computers and movies.

After that, he attended the University of Southern California, where he devoted more of his time and energy to his studies of entrepreneurship, which ultimately contributed to his development into a successful individual.


Beginning his professional life as an assistant in the production department of Real TV, Joe Francis eventually became a producer. While Francis was working on the project, he had the inspiration for the show that would later be called Banned from Television.

Joe Francis’ Banned from Television movies depicted real-life fatal accidents, suicides, executions, and motorcycle wrecks. The unused material that Francis licenced from Real TV was utilised in the production of the videos.

Joe Francis eventually came to the conclusion that this line of work was unsettling, and as a result, he went on to a new project that he named Girls Gone Wild.

They showed young ladies in college flaunting their bodies and behaving in a crazy manner on camera. Francis’ videos were a smashing hit, and within the first two years of his career, he had already raked in more than $20 million thanks to their sales. The company earned hundreds of millions during its lifetime.

Joe Francis Assets 

Joe Francis is an American celebrity who was born, raised and has spent his whole life working and living in the United States. His California home is in Newport Beach.

Purchasing automobiles Joe Francis has always had a great deal of passion for automobiles, and he now owns a number of them. Francis is completely obsessed with classic American muscle automobiles from the 1970s and 1980s. In addition to other automobiles, he has a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro GT, an Impala, and a Cutlass.

Joe Francis’s Personal Life

Even though Joe and Christina McLarty had never been officially married before, in November of 2010, they tied the knot in a ceremony referred to as a “civil domestic partnership” on Joe’s property in Mexico. However, after just a brief period of time together, they ended their relationship.

The year 2012 saw the beginning of his romance with Abbey Wilson. Her US modelling career just beginning. She once won Hottest Girl in America.

The Professional Career of Joe Francis

Beginning his professional life as an assistant in the production department of Real TV, Joe Francis eventually became a producer. While Francis was working on the project, he had the first inspiration for the show that would later become Banned from Television. This concept underwent development that allowed it to become superior.

Working under the alias Banned from Television, Joe Francis created terrifying films inspired by gruesome events such as actual murders, suicides, executions, motorcycle accidents, and other terrifying occurrences. In order to do this, he created movies using unused material from Real TV shows.

Joe Francis Real Estates

People say Joe was able to maintain his lavish lifestyle after his firm went bankrupt in 2008 because of his 40,000-square-foot Mexican estate, “Casa Aramara.”This property is worth between $10 and $15 million.

Casa Aramara is a popular holiday destination for plenty of renowned individuals in addition to other members of the upper class. You may rent it for as much as $35,000 per night if you want to.Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and Ashton Kutcher have vacationed at Joe’s home.Mario Lopez and Jennifer Lopez married there in December 2012. In June 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went there to spend their honeymoon.

Joe Francis has received a number of awards and nominations.

When it was at its peak, Joe Francis’ unconventional entertainment firm, Girl Gone Wild, had a large amount of success among its audience. It’s hard to measure his company’s influence.

Even though none of his efforts or initiatives has been acknowledged or honoured as of yet, he has received the highest acclaim for what he has done for the organisation. This is because he has been the most helpful.

Joe Francis Legal Issues

Many women have accused him of filming them without their consent and filed lawsuits against him as a result. There were several of them who were still kids. When he booted a female out, he even ordered her to leave and not to contact the police on her way out the door.

Joe was accused of evading his tax obligations in the year 2007. While he was detained, he believed that he was carrying something that was against the law with him.

After being found guilty of bribery and tax evasion once more in 2009, he was ordered to pay a total of $250,000 in restitution. 2013 convictions led to 270 days in prison for him. He also had to pay a fine of $60,000 in addition to serving a prison sentence of 339 days.

Joe Francis Net Worth

NameJoseph R. Francis
Net Worth (2022)$50 Million
ProfessionProducer, entrepreneur
Monthly Income and Salary$175,000 +
Yearly Income and Salary$2 Million +
Last UpdatedJune 2022

In the United States, Joe Francis has accomplished many achievements in his life. It was his phenomenal television programmes and the success of the entertainment organisation he founded that brought him both his name and his renown all over the globe.

The current value of Joe’s net worth is $25 million, which is a pretty respectable figure. He started out as an assistant producer. After some time, he conceived the plan of being barred from television, which was a film format similar to direct-to-video. This resulted in a great deal of success for him. Despite legal issues, he’s quite popular.

Joe Francis Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022$50 Million
Net Worth in 2021$23 Million
Net Worth in 2020$21 Million
Net Worth in 2019$19 Million
Net Worth in 2018$17 Million
Net Worth in 2017$15 Million


Joe Francis has a $50 million net worth. Joe Francis is an American film producer and entrepreneur. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but spent most of his childhood in Laguna Beach, California. He attended the University of South California and received his degree in Business Administration there. The majority of people get the impression that he is a prosperous businessman.


What is the net worth of Joe Francis?

Joe Francis’s total net worth is around $25 Million.

What is the age of Joe Francis?

Currently, Joe Francis is 49 years old (1 April 1973). 

What is the Salary of Joe Francis?

Joe Francis earns an estimated salary of $175,000 + Per Year.

What is the Height of Joe Francis?

The Height of Joe Francis is 1.87 M

What is the name of Joe Francis’s Wife?

Joe Francis is currently divorced.

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