Trick Daddy’s Net Worth 2022 – American Rapper, Actor & Producer

Trick Daddy's Net Worth

Maurice Trick Daddy is the stage name of American musician Samuel Young, who is best known by his stage name. The Trick has been an integral part of hip-hop culture for a good number of years. His songs “I’m So Hood” and “I’m a Thug” are two of the most well-known of his career. He has lately made disparaging comments about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, including the assertion that she is unable to sing. It is possible that by the year 2022, Trick Daddy will have amassed a net worth of around $200,000.

Real Name/Full NameMaurice Samuel Young
Nick Name/Celebrated NameTrick Daddy
Birth PlaceLiberty City, Miami, Florida, United States
Date of Birth/Birthday27 September 1974
Age/How Old47 years old
Height/How TallIn Centimeters – 177 cm
In Feet and Inches – 6′ 0″
WeightIn Kilograms – 85 Kg
In Pounds – 187 lbs
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Trick Daddy's Net Worth

Early Life

Maurice Samuel Young was born on September 27, 1974, in Miami, Florida. Maurice and his sibling group of ten were raised by their mother in Liberty City. If you want to know who the oldest is, it’s Maurice. From an early age, he was confronted with the difficulties of life in a low-income area and had to learn how to overcome them. Maurice was brought up by his father, a local pimp with a solid reputation. Young got into his first legal trouble while still living with his father. He was a crack cocaine dealer by the time he was 15 years old.

Things went worse from there, culminating in Maurice’s arrest for gun and drug possession not long after. Just hours after being freed from jail, he attempted to kill another person in the street and was promptly apprehended for his crime. Young, just twenty years old, faced a lengthy prison sentence. His brother was killed as he was dealing with all this.

Trick Daddy Biography

Trick Daddy came into the world on September 27, 1974. FL’s Miami is where Trick Daddy first set foot on this earth. It’s fascinating to think that Trick Daddy probably didn’t have an easy time of it out in the real world. Many wrongdoings were perpetrated by his father’s generation. The truth is that Trick Daddy’s father was the one who first exposed him to crime when he was only nine years old. Ultimately, he was the one who forced him to do it.

At the tender age of 14, Trick Daddy started his business as a crack cocaine distributor. This meant that Trick Daddy had to spend a lot of time in a place usually designated for teenagers and young adults. Given his musical prowess, Trick Daddy picked up where he left off when his most recent prison term ended and he returned home. Many people urged him to focus on his music instead of doing further time in prison.

Trick Daddy’s personal life

Joy Young, who starred in “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” with Trick Daddy during their marriage, was also a cast member of the show. In the middle of the Season 2 reunion, his wife Joy announced that she wanted a divorce. During the third season, he was seen going out on dates with his new girlfriend, Nikki Natural, who was also sighted. Because Trick has been afflicted with lupus for such a long period, his skin is in awful condition.


Even when he was a youngster, future music superstar Trick Daddy had a difficult time making it through life. Florida is the state where Trick Daddy was both born and reared. Because he was one of 10 children who were raised by a single mother, he had a significant amount of responsibility for taking care of himself.

When children are abandoned for extended periods of time, there is always the possibility that they will act irresponsibly or make poor choices. It was unfortunate that Trick Daddy began his career in the illicit drug trade while he was still in the early stages of his teenage years. When the police ultimately apprehended him, he was jailed for possessing a firearm as well as illicit substances, and he served a lengthy sentence in prison as a result. Surprisingly, Trick Daddy was taken into custody once again and charged with attempted murder the very next day after he was released from jail. After that, he was sent to another jail.

As soon as Young was released from prison, he made contact with Ted Lucas, who was the original proprietor of Slip-N-Slide Records. The future rap star took Lucas’s advice to heart and worked hard to achieve his goal of becoming a famous rap artist while simultaneously avoiding incarceration. His debut was on the album of the same name, released in 1996, earning him the nickname “Uncle Luke.” It wasn’t until the next year, in 1997, that his first album, also named “Based on a True Story,” was published. A follow-up album, named “,” with the single “Nann Nigga,” was released as a direct result of the success of this one. This song skyrocketed to the top of the rap charts, peaking at position #3.

In 2000, he published a new CD named “Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47.” “Thugs Are Us” was out the next year, and “Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets” was released in 2004. The hit single “Let’s Go,” co-written with Twista, would appear on this album. Pitbull, DJ Khaled, and the Ying Yang Twins all worked together after that. After splitting from Slip-n-Slide Records in 2008, Trick Daddy established his own record label. He worked with Young Jeezy on a project and released a mixtape together the same year (2011). As of now, Trick Daddy spends a lot of time on the road performing all over the USA.

Real Estate

It was reported that Trick Daddy still possessed a Miramar, Florida condominium worth roughly $350,000 when he filed for bankruptcy in 2019. The home is around 4,000 square feet in size, and it is situated in a quiet neighborhood not far from Miramar Regional Park.

Earning Headlines

Rick Daddy, formerly known by his stage name Trick Daddy Dollar, has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Although he is most known for his work in the music industry, Trick Daddy has also contributed his talents to the film and television industries.

It was estimated that he gained around 127,000 dollars from the sale of his first record, which was titled “Based on a True Story.”

On the other hand, it is projected that “Thugs are Us” has sold a total of one million copies, making it his best-selling album to date. According to estimates provided by the Recording Industry Association of America, the value of this album is one million dollars (RIAA).

Financial Woes

In spite of the fact that Trick Daddy accomplished a great deal throughout his career, he was not extremely successful monetarily. Actually, Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy many times over the last few years. Those who have already filed for bankruptcy once have obviously made some serious mistakes if they find themselves in the position of needing to do so again.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

It is anticipated that Trick Daddy will have around $200,000 of his own money by the year 2022. The Florida rapper has had three separate brushes with financial ruin. The court denied his request to file for bankruptcy each of the three times he attempted to do so. People were under the impression that he had once again filed for bankruptcy in order to prevent the auctioning off of his residence.

Trick Daddy Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2022$1.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$1.4 Million
Net Worth in 2020$1.3 Million
Net Worth in 2019$1.2 Million
Net Worth in 2018$1.1 Million
Net Worth in 2017$1.0 Million


Rappers and hip-hop musicians put a significant amount of emphasis on projecting an image of financial success. This should be common knowledge to anybody who has spent any time at all in the last several decades watching music videos. After all, a significant number of rap music videos include singers bragging about how wealthy they are, despite the fact that some of the musicians behind the scenes are not wealthy. The rapper Trick Daddy is reportedly not doing very well financially, according to reports originating from a variety of sources.


Is there a friendship between Trina and Trick Daddy?

Her song “Nann,” which was released in 1998 and included her longtime friend and musical partner Trick Daddy, catapulted her to fame.

How much money does Trina have in the bank?

Trina is a model and American rapper who has accumulated a net worth of $6 million throughout the course of her career.

Does Trick Daddy have a lot of money?

American rapper, actor, and producer Trick Daddy has an estimated net worth of $150,000.

Does anybody know how many children Trick Daddy has?

It has been alleged that the rapper is the proud parent of a staggering ten children, the youngest of whom was apparently born in 2017.

How long have Trick Daddy and his wife been together?

Joy Young is the wife of Trick Daddy, from whom he is separated. Trina’s family is related to her. She wed Trick in 2003, but they have been living apart for the last four and a half years now.

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