Miguel Mckelvey Net Worth 2022 – American Businessman & Basketball Player

Miguel Mckelvey Net Worth

After the failure of the company’s first public offering in 2019 and after some high-profile executives departed, including Neumann, who left in September 2019, McKelvey left WeWork in June 2020.

Because he continues to post on Instagram about his travels to different WeWork locations around the globe and how he stayed up all night to design the WeWork logo, it would seem that he is still actively connected with the firm.

On the other hand, McKelvey has moved on and is now working in a new field that uses his design abilities.

Miguel Mckelvey Net Worth
Real NameMiguel McKelvey
Professionbusiness oligarch
Miguel McKelvey Net Worth (2022)$900 million
Monthly IncomeN/A
Annual IncomeN/A
Source of Incomebusiness oligarch

Early life

McKelvey spent her childhood in Eugene, Oregon, in a house shared by five different mothers. His family founded and operated a newspaper called the Eugene Weekly for many years.

McKelvey described himself as “a crazy child” on the basketball floor when he was a student in high school during an interview with Fortune in January 2020. He said that accountability was something his coach, a harsh disciplinarian, had instilled in him.

Not having a father figure in his life, he claims, “no one ever instructed me to remain in line” until Coach Stepp. Nobody ever instructed me to get in line since I didn’t have my mother around while I was growing up.

In 1992, he received his diploma from South Eugene High. After finishing high school, he enrolled at Colorado College, where he had a professor named Carl Reed who, after viewing a sculpture the student had made, strongly suggested he go on to graduate school for architecture.

He transferred to the University of Oregon from another school and earned a Bachelor of Architecture there in 1999.

McKelvey played basketball at the University of Oregon for two seasons. Contrary to what is shown in the official logbook, he received correspondence for just the year 1997.


Eugene, Oregon is where Miguel McKelvey spent his childhood. Here’s an excerpt from what Miguel has said: “I grew up with a group of single parents that helped each other out.”

His mother, Lucia McKelvey, was an early contributor to What’s Happening, the newspaper that would become Eugene Weekly.

Miguel attended the University of Oregon and afterwards received a degree in design from the very same school back in 1999. In a later interview, McKelvey said that architecture had been crucial in his developing his own method of creating art.

McKelvey moved to Japan after finishing his undergraduate degree. There, Miguel built a site called “English Baby” to help people learn everyday English and slang.

He left his work and moved to New York to focus on his lifelong passion for architecture.

Green Desk was established in December of 2007 by Miguel and Adam Neumann. While both Green Desk and WeWork provide monthly office space rentals, they are distinct from one another.

McKelvey also founded a company in 2007 called Generation Design Studio.

Personal Life

He is a successful American businessman, and he was born in 1974. In addition to that, he was the company’s co-founder and used to hold the position of the chief cultural officer. He is a businessman, which describes what he does for a living in terms of his career. He has reached the age of 48 and has been recognized as an officer of WeWork.

McKelvey comes from a construction background: I first met Neumann after working for a firm in Brooklyn and studying architecture at the University of Oregon. McKelvey’s past includes work in the building industry. Because of his position as WeWork’s chief culture officer, McKelvey was in charge of the company’s physical locations, building plans, and website development.

As the business grew, Neumann was given more responsibility, while McKelvey worked tirelessly in the background. According to a former executive who talked with Forbes, whereas Miguel focused on broader social issues, Adam paid more attention to the headlines.


In the latter part of the 2000s, during a party, Miguel McKelvey, an architecture student at the University of Oregon, came across Adam Neumann. WeWork was jointly conceived of in 2009, and in 2010 it opened its doors for business. Miniseries fans may check out WeCrashed on Apple TV+.

The documentary shows how quickly Neumann became WeWork’s public face, while McKelvey remained in the background as the company’s Chief Culture Officer. After WeWork was purchased by SoftBank in 2019, McKelvey stayed on for another nine months to help with the integration.

It is impossible to predict McKelvey’s net worth in 2022, but in 2019, it had dropped from $2.9 billion to $900 million, and it is quite likely that it will continue to drop in the years to come.

Miguel McKelvey seems to be on a more fruitful path after leaving WeWork. He has just joined two companies whose goals we wholeheartedly support. We are optimistic that he will take the lessons he learned from the setbacks at WeWork and apply them to his future initiatives.

Unlike Neumann and his wife Rebekah, the unambiguous villains of the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed, he did not get as much backlash as the show’s protagonist. It seems that McKelvey has a chance to make a comeback to the business world thanks to this development.

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth

Forbes estimates that Miguel McKelvey’s wealth has increased to $2.9 billion as a direct result of his success in the business world, resulting in his net worth of 900 million dollars.

The year 2016 was when McKelvey became a billionaire, and as of November 2019, Forbes estimates that he is worth $900 million.

WeWork was first established in 2010 by Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann. Prior to that time, the business was known as The We Company. It is a business that offers shared office space for rent.

It has been decided that the initial public offering that was scheduled to take place in September 2019 will not take place, and McKelvey is in control of the company’s culture.

Miguel McKelvey’s wife

Let’s have a conversation about whether or not Miguel McKelvey is married. He is married to a woman. Miguel’s wife’s name is Hiyam McKelvey, and her last name is McKelvey.

The year 2022, Miguel McKelvey’s income, his family, and his biography will all be covered in this article.

Salary and sources of income

He was a successful businessman who was originally from the United States. According to what I’ve been able to gather from various sources on the Internet, Miguel McKelvey has a net worth of around 900 million dollars.

Miguel McKelvey Family 

Yasmin McKelvey Yasmin was born and reared in New York, New York, in the United States of America, along with his parents. The state of New York contains the city of New York. Neither her nor his paternal grandmother’s names appear to be on any social networking sites, as far as I can tell.

The wealth of Miguel McKelvey, his wiki, biography, age, parents, and photographs are all covered in this blog.


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Who is Miguel McKelvey, anyway?

Miguel McKelvey is a well-known businessman in the United States.

What is Miguel McKelvey’s age?

In March 2022, Miguel McKelvey was 48 years old.

How much does Miguel McKelvey have in the bank?

The answer is that Miguel McKelvey is worth $900 million.

Miguel McKelvey was born where?

Miguel McKelvey was born and raised in New York, New York, in the United States of America, with his parents.

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