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Bill Gurley Net Worth

A venture investor by the name of John Gurley is more often known as “Bill.” He once had a position in the marketing department of Advanced Micro Devices. Despite the fact that he was skilled in engineering and handling money. After spending some time in technical marketing, he transitioned into a role as a design engineer at Compaq, a firm that was known for producing high-quality computers in the past.
After quitting his position at Compaq, Gurley joined Hummer Wimbled Venture Partners as a partner. He also spent some time working on Wall Street as a research analyst, which eventually inspired him to pursue a career in the financial markets.

Date of BirthMay 10, 1966
TitleVenture capitalist
Companies FoundedN/A
Best Known ForConsidered one of the best tech investors on Earth
Net Worth (USD)$ 8 billion
Bill Gurley Net Worth

Early Life

May 10, 1966, finds John William Gurley being brought into the world in Dickinson, Texas. He participates in football games. Even when he was a kid, he had a lifelong fascination with technology, but he also enjoyed playing sports, particularly basketball.

He earned his degree in basketball at the University of Florida, where he also attended college. His graduation from the computer engineering program took place in 1989. To continue his study in business, he then enrolled in the University of Texas’s McCombs School of Business.

Bill earned his Master of Business Administration from the school in 1993. He was an engineer at Advanced Micro Devices, a computer chip manufacturer, before he entered the financial sector. After that he got a job with the tech company Compaq as a design engineer.

Personal Life

Amy Gurley, Bill’s wife, is a general partner at Benchmark Capital, where she also works. Bill is married to Amy. The successful business couple is now helping to raise their three children together. The members of their family call the town of Atherton in California home.

Bill Gurley Biography

On May 10, 1966, Bill Gurley made his debut into the world in Dickenson, Texas. He received his degree in science from the University of Florida, where he studied. Following that, he attended the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business and received his master’s degree in business administration. After completing his degree, Gurley obtained a position in the design engineering division of Compaq Computers. For four years before to entering the world of venture capital, he was a prominent Wall Street research analyst. It was at this period that he worked for the company.

Gurley joined Benchmark in 1999, and he is now a general partner at the business. By far his biggest deal with the company was an 11 million dollar investment he made in Uber back in 2011. Glassdoor, Zillow, GrubHub, Vessel, Sailthru, Brighter, and DogVacay are just some of the many businesses that have received funding from Gurley.

In 2022, Forbes produced its annual Midas List of the world’s most successful venture capitalists, and Gurley came in at number 24. He is a staple on the previously stated list of top technology investors.


When Gurley joined the technical marketing team at Advanced Micro Devices, he was able to put his knowledge and interests to good use since the company specializes in both engineering and finance. His career path ultimately led him to a position as a design engineer at Compaq Computer. He helped create a number of items for the company, including the 486/50 and the first multi-processor server.

Gurley had a lot of early success as an engineer but eventually opted to put his skills to use on Wall Street. He rose quickly through the ranks to become a trusted analyzer of data. The Texan was well regarded as a specialist in the field of computer hardware and software market research and product evaluation for companies like Dell, Microsoft, and Amazon. His knowledge of business structures was well acknowledged across the world. For his contributions to the financial sector, Gurley was named to the All-American Research Team by Institutional Investor in both 1995 and 1996.

When, Inc. initially started selling stock to the public, Gurley was the main analyst (IPO). Among the most lucrative companies in the world, Amazon often places high on lists like these. Before starting his career in venture capital, the analyst spent four years in various research roles on Wall Street.

Investing Career

After working on Wall Street for four years, Benchmark Capital promoted him to the position of general partner. Through the investment business, he was able to secure positions on the boards of directors of firms such as Grub hub,, and Vudu. Larger ones ultimately acquired a good number of these smaller companies.

During the stock market catastrophe that occurred in 2008, he received greater accolades for advising the CEOs of the firms in his portfolio to reduce expenditure and wait for chances after the crash. Additionally, he offers guidance on, which is the name of his blog. After waiting a year, he made the most significant investment in his career with Benchmark.

Bill invested around $12 million in the ride-sharing startup before it went public some years ago. Soon after, Uber went off like a rocket and established itself as one of the most exciting new firms in San Francisco. Bill Gurley was the board member that contributed the most before his departure from Uber in 2017.


Benchmark is one of the most significant ventures capital companies not just in Silicon Valley but also across the globe, and Gurley is one of the firm’s general partners. More than 15 of his professional years have been spent serving as a general partner at the organization. Inc.Africa states that in his capacity as a venture investor, he was instrumental in Uber, a ride-sharing firm, reaching its current valuation of $50 billion. His investment of $21 million in the business and his labor as a general partner were important in Snapchat’s achievement of a net worth of $16 million.

Net Worth and Earnings

Without a shadow of a doubt, Bill’s greatest accomplishment is Uber. Even though we do not know how much he was worth before joining the business, it is probable that he was not a billionaire at the time. This is despite the fact that we do not know how much he was worth.

It is well known that Bill invests not only in traditional assets but also in bitcoin. Additionally, he is an advocate of Ethereum. He didn’t start paying attention to cryptocurrencies until 2021; even now, they make up a very small portion of his $8 billion wealth.


Because of the things he studied in school and the things he accomplished for a job in the fields of finance and engineering, Bill Gurley has a net worth of $8 billion. During an interview, Gurley said that going forward, and he will pay more attention to the businesses he collaborates with. Learn more about him and the ways in which he has altered business practices all across the globe by reading his blogs and interviews.


Does Bill Gurley have a lot of money?

Yes, Bill Gurley is worth a lot of money.

Does Uber still belong to Bill Gurley?

Bill Gurley quit the Uber board of directors in June 2017.

What’s Bill Gurley doing at the moment?

Bill Gurley now puts money into new businesses that don’t have regular office space.

How much did Uber pay Bill Gurley?

In 2011, Bill Gurley’s business, Benchmark, put $12 million into Uber. In March 2017, he joined the board of directors, according to The New York Times.

Where is Bill Gurley at this very moment?

He lives in Atherton, California, with his wife and three kids.

Did LYFT get bought by Uber?

In 2014, Uber tried to buy the app but was unable to do so. Then, in 2019, Uber was ready to buy Lyft for $7 billion. The company had already left the building, so they refused the offer and decided to stay on their own.

How much does Bill Gurley have in the bank?

Bill Gurley has a net worth of $8 billion because he was one of the first people to invest in Uber and other international companies.

How much money did Bill Gurley have before Uber?

We don’t know how much Bill Gurley was worth before he joined Uber, but it’s likely that he wasn’t a millionaire.

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