David A. Siegel’s Net Worth 2022 – American Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

David A. Siegel's Net Worth

Siegel is a co-owner of Two Sigma Investments, a hedge fund with headquarters in New York City that manages around $60 billion in assets via quantitative analysis. Two Sigma Investments was established in the year 2001 by Siegel and John Overdeck. Before then, Siegel had held positions at Tudor Investments and D.E. Shaw & Company.

NameDavid A. Siegel
Date of Birth3 May 1935
SpouseJackie Siegel
Net worth$500 million
David A. Siegel's Net Worth

Early Life

The now-Florida-based David A. Siegel was born on May 3, 1935, in Chicago. Sadelle and Sid Siegel, who ran a grocery store at the time, were his parents. David’s family and the business moved to Miami when he was 10 years old. In 1935, Siegel graduated from Miami Senior High School and enrolled at the University of Miami to study business management and marketing. Unfortunately, he did not complete his education and earn his diploma.


1961 is the year of birth. He graduated from Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to round up his academic credentials.

A 2001 biography published in the Princeton Alumni Weekly states that David Mark Siegel earned degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1983. After that, he went on to get a Ph.D. in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked as a student in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

After completing his studies at MIT, his first job was in the New York City office of the quantitative hedge fund D.E. Shaw, where he stayed until he was promoted. FarSight Financial Services, his online back-office support service provider, was founded there. The Wall Street Journal reported in 1999 that Merrill Lynch had paid roughly $30 million to acquire the company. Siegel also served as the first Chief Information Officer of Shaw. Around this time, the executive joined the dotcom boom by releasing blink.com, a website that combines a social network with a bookmarking service. After that, Siegel spent some time at Tudor Investment, the company founded by Paul Tudor Jones. There, he worked his way up to CTO (chief technology officer) status.

Following that, in 2001, Siegel assisted John Overdeck and Mark Pickard in establishing Two Sigma Investments. Because of their desire to mix technology and data science, they developed trading systems predicated on predetermined guidelines. The company apparently did rather well even throughout the depths of the Great Depression, as reported by Alpha Magazine. Between 2009 and 2011, it saw a quadrupling of the sums of money it could manage. Siegel and Over deck founded Two Sigma and now serve as its co-chairmen. The SoHo area of Manhattan is home to Two Sigma. After Pickard retired in 2001, he surrendered his share of the firm to the other partners in 2006. However, he still retains the title of president emeritus.

The multimillionaire is active in a number of humanitarian’s organizations, including the Scratch Foundation, which he helped create in 2013. He now resides in Scarsdale, New York with his wife Dana Matsushita.


In 2004, David and Jackie raced full speed ahead with their plans to construct a family house that would make the Palace of Versailles seem like a shack. Their goal was to create a home that would make the Palace of Versailles appear like a hut. A few years later, development came to a halt, in part because of the unanticipated difficulties brought on by the financial crisis that began in 2007 and continued into 2008. Approximately around 2011, the family had a momentary lapse of trust in the home. They listed it for sale for $75 million. However, it does not seem that they were successful in finding potential purchasers for the property. The construction of the home resumed after an interval of one year.

Jackie said, “The home is nothing like what was envisaged when it was initially constructed,” in a recent interview with Distractify. “However, everything will work out in the end. It is making us all happy, making us more inclined to work together as a team, and bringing us all closer together.”

A documentary titled The Queen of Versailles, which was released in 2012 provides an in-depth look at the peculiar lifestyle maintained by the family. Queen of Versailles Reigns Again on Discovery Plus intends to remind viewers of the peculiar family and demonstrate how far along they are in the process of completing the enormous property.

Every Wednesday, new episodes of Queen of Versailles Reigns Again are made available to watch on Discovery Plus.

Personal Life

Siegel is a mother to eleven children; she is biologically responsible for nine of them and has adopted two more. Between the years 1961 and 1969, he shared his life with his wife, Geraldine Florence Sanstrom. Siegel wed Betty Tucker in 1970, and the couple remained wedded and inseparable until 1997, when they finalized their divorce. He remained the responsible father and looked after all of the children. It was in 1998 that he first met his wife, Jackie Siegel, and two years later, in 2000, they tied the knot in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Victoria Siegel, 18 years old at the time, was discovered unconscious at the house she shared with her parents in Windermere in June of 2015. After being taken to the hospital, she was allegedly confirmed dead upon arrival. After learning that her death was due to drug abuse, David joined the fight in a major way.

Former Westgate employee Dawn Myers sued David Siegel for sexual harassment in 2008. Back in 2008, the court found that David Siegel was at fault. Florida’s jury first awarded her $5.4 million, but the judge cut the amount to $610,000. As a result of her claim that she was the victim of violence under state law, Myers was awarded $506,847 in punitive damages and $103,622 in compensatory damages.

DAVID a Siegel Wife

David A. Siegel in 1961, his wife Siegel married Geraldine Florence Sanstrom. There were three kids in this house. Separation from the married pair began in 1968. Following his marriage to Betty Tucker in 1970, Siegel moved his family from Miami to Orlando. In 1997, they finalised their divorce. In 1998, he started dating his current partner, Jackie Siegel. Despite the fact that she wasn’t Jewish, they nevertheless decided to have a Jewish wedding ceremony. Family and personal life were profoundly affected by the 2008 financial crisis.

David A. Siegel Kids

David A. Siegel takes great care of his brood. Jackie’s ex-wife and their daughter are included. He is a doting father who ensures the safety of his brood. Eight children have been born to David and Jackie as a consequence of their marriage. One of these people is her niece Jonquil. His ex-wife Geraldine Florence Sanstrom and his three kids from a previous marriage are included. Jonquil moved in with her after the death of her mother. Victoria Siegel, Debbie Siegel, Susan Siegel, Jonquil Siegel, Steven Siegel, Valerie Siegel, Daniel Siegel, Jordan Siegel, David Siegel, Drew Siegel, Richard Siegel, and Jacqueline Siegel are his offspring.

Net worth of David A. Siegel

David A. Siegel is a successful American businessman who has amassed a fortune of $500 million. Westgate Properties, Siegel’s company that specialises in Florida timeshare resorts, is a household name. He is in charge of the company as President and CEO. Siegel, his wife Jackie, and their Florida mansion, which they nicknamed “Versailles,” were the topic of the award-winning documentary “The Queen of Versailles.” Following the crash of the real estate market in 2008, Siegel and his wife Jackie planned to construct in Florida the biggest and most costly mansion ever built in the United States. The video depicted Siegel’s short-lived financial difficulties after the bubble crash, which happened during the course of their efforts to construct the house.

For Westgate Resorts Ltd., he currently holds the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer. Siegel serves as the President and CEO of both Central Florida Investments Inc. and CFI Resorts Management Inc. David Siegel has a wide range of commercial interests, including construction, timeshare, telecommunications, travel services, insurance, citrus, retail, transportation, hotel and apartment management, and real estate.

Recession hit hard in 2008, and Siegel’s business suffered. To my surprise, he informed me in the middle of 2012 that things were looking better and that he planned to hire more staff and grow the firm.

David A. Siegel is a well-known University of Miami alum who has been working hard to help Mitt Romney become president of the United States.


Jacqueline American Jackie Siegel is well-known in the entertainment industry for her work as a model, socialite, actor, and director of a beauty contest. She plays a pivotal role in the documentary film The Queen of Versailles, which Lauren Greenfield filmed and released in 2012 and features as one of the film’s primary protagonists. She took first place in the competition to determine Mrs. Florida America in 1993. The beauty contest known as Mrs. Florida America is now under her direction as both the owner and director. In 2015, she appeared in an episode of the reality television program Celebrity Wife Swap.


Who is David Siegel?

American businessman David Alan Siegel started Westgate Resorts Ltd.

What does David Siegel do for a living?

Since 1971, David Siegel has been the CEO of Central Florida Investments Inc.

Who is David Siegel’s partner right now?

Jacqueline “Jackie” Siegel is the spouse of David Siegel.

What is David Siegel’s age?

David Siegel is 86 years old right now.

How much does David Siegel have in his bank account?

David Siegel has a net worth of $500,000,000.

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