Jim Bakker’s Net Worth 2022 – American Convicted Fraudster & Televangelist

Jim Bakker's Net Worth

Evangelist on television Jim Bakker is a well-known figure. He and his wife, Tammy Bakker, were the co-hosts of the television program “The Praise the Lord (PTL) Club” from the middle of the 1970s until the early 1980s.

After the program became such a tremendous success, its two presenters decided to launch their own satellite television network. But he rapidly lost his position as a result of a controversy involving sexual assault and a conviction for financial fraud.

However, he did not give up his love of television, and even when he was released from prison, he continued to present an evangelistic program. We can fill you in on how Jim Bakker earned his money and how much it is now estimated that he is worth if you are interested.

Full NameJames Orsen Bakker
Birth DateJanuary 2, 1940
Birth PlaceMuskegon, Michigan, U.S.
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worth$700,000
Jim Bakker's Net Worth

Early Life 

Jim Bakker was born to parents Raleigh and Furia in 1940 in Muskegon, Michigan. North Central University, a private Minneapolis-based Christian college associated with the Assemblies of God, is where he completed his undergraduate studies.

It was there that he met his future wife, fellow student Tammy Faye LaValley. They wed in 1961 and promptly abandoned their academic pursuits to devote themselves full-time to travelling the world as missionaries.

Career Beginnings

Starting in 1966, Bakker and his wife both worked in Portsmouth, Virginia for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. They both worked there. The dynamic team hosted a children’s variety show called “Come On Over” for the struggling network, and it became a huge success thanks to them.

Because of this, Bakker was asked to be the host of the new prime-time discussion show The 700 Club. Shortly after Bakker’s resignation from TBN in 1972, he and his wife joined up with Paul and Jan Crouch to start the Trinity Broadcasting Network in California.

However, after eight months of working together, Bakker and Crouch had a disagreement and their partnership ended.

Bakker and his wife decided to establish their programme because they thought they were well-qualified to do it. The PTL Club was formed immediately as a consequence of this. Instantly popular, the show’s viewers have always provided invaluable feedback and insights.

Sponsors reportedly paid more than $1 million each week for the show. Everything between Bakker and Tammy seemed to be going swimmingly until church secretary Jessica Hahn accused Bakker of sexual assault. Things started going badly for the pair after that.

Bakker was pressured into resigning, and later investigations revealed that he had also misappropriated the funds that were donated to the ministry by his audience.

During the course of the investigations, it was discovered that he had used the three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to create Heritage USA, despite the fact that he had assured viewers that the money would be utilized for missions outside the country.

Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service discovered that he had stolen $1.3 million from the coffers of the ministry in order to exploit them for his own personal gain. Things went from bad to worse for him with the release of a film titled Fall from Grace.

The film detailed Bakker’s meteoric ascent to stardom as well as his devastating fall from it. Bakker was released from prison on parole but had to pay a fine of half a million dollars. Since he was released from jail, he has been working on a book, and the working title of the book is Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead.

Career as Writer

Bakker has made a profession by writing novels and publishing many of them. It was in 1976 that he published his first book, which was titled “Move That Mountain.” The following book was titled “Eight Keys to Success,” and it was published in the year 1980.

Bakker’s works “I Was Wrong” and “Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse” were written after he was released from prison. Publications from subsequent eras include “The Refuge: The Joy of Christian Community in a Torn-Apart World” and “Time Has Come: How to Prepare Now for Epic Events Ahead.”

Personal Life

Bakker has two children with his wife, Tammy Faye. Their full names in order are Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles. Due to Bakker’s conviction and incarceration in 1992, they drifted apart. Bakker married ex-televangelist Lori Beth Graham after the couple dated for only 50 days after first meeting in 1998. They took in five kids over the course of a year.

Allegations and Controversy

Jim Bakker and The PTL Club have been hit with several criminal charges at this point. Bakker was accused of selling memberships to Heritage USA’s luxury hotel for $1,000 a pop, with the promise of a three-night vacation there once a year for life.

Even if the planned stay never took place, the memberships were nonetheless sold. The story doesn’t end here, however, since Jim is now being prosecuted on eight counts of mail fraud.

He was also hit with 15 charges of wire fraud and one count of a wide conspiracy. The judge ruled that he was responsible for twenty-four separate offences and sentenced him to an aggregate initial prison term of forty-five years.

Jim Bakker’s Net Worth

When all of Jim’s income streams, the current issue, and the pending legal action are considered, it is likely that Jim’s net worth is around $500,000 at this point.


James Orsen Bakker is better known to the majority of people by his nickname Jim Bakker. He is an American televangelist. Bakker rose to prominence when he and his wife, Tammy Faye, began hosting a television program titled “The PTL Club.” It is anticipated that Jim Bakker’s wealth will reach around $700.000 by the year 2022.

Bakker was subjected to an increasing number of allegations over the course of his career, the most notable of which were sexual misbehavior and fraud. Because of this, his life continued to grow progressively worse, and he ultimately ended up divorcing his wife and going to prison. After serving his sentence, he resumed his previous career as a televangelist. This is accomplished via the medium of The Jim Bakker Show, in which he discusses biblical prophecies.


Is Jim Bakker a Gay?

No, Jim Bakker isn’t gay.

What is Jim Bakker’s age?

Jim Bakker is 82 years old right now

How tall is Jim Bakker?

Jim Bakker stands at 5ft 6in (1.70m) tall.

Who is Jim Bakker Spouse?

Lori Beth Graham is Jim Bakker’s wife.

Who is Jim Bakker?

Jim Bakker is an American televangelist

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