Bill Russell Net Worth 2022 – Basketball coach, Actor & High Jumper

Bill Russell Net Worth

On July 31, a legend of the NBA named Bill Russell passed away at 88. According to the information provided on his official Twitter account, he passed away while his wife was nearby.

Russell was the best player in the NBA during the 1950s and 1960s; however, in contrast to the top players in the league today, he has not amassed sufficient wealth to pass on to his offspring and grandchildren. He spent his entire NBA career with the Boston Celtics, during which time he won 11 championship rings and became the player in NBA history with the most individual accolades.

Bill Russell Net Worth

Initial Days

1934 marked the year that Russell’s birth took place in West Monroe, Louisiana. After moving to Oakland, California, with his family when he was only eight years old, he and his family were forced to endure the hardships of living in poverty.

It was challenging for him to develop as a basketball player despite being tall and having good speed for his position.

At McClymonds High School, where he was a standout on the basketball court, Russell won state championships in both his junior and senior years. Because of his race, Russell did not receive a lot of college offers. Despite this, he was successful in obtaining a scholarship and ultimately earned his degree from the University of San Francisco.

Because Russell was the most talented player on the college basketball team, he was selected to be the team captain. The team was led to consecutive NCAA championship victories by Russell, who was the team’s captain.

After retiring from playing basketball, Bill Russell, who is best known for penning the book “Going for Glory,” went on to coach the Sacramento Kings (1973–1979) and the Seattle SuperSonics (1973–1979). (1979–1981). (1987-1988). None of the coaching resulted in the results that were hoped for. But the basketball star, who was talented at many things, subsequently took a sabbatical from basketball and worked as a colour commentator for CBS and TBS.

Russell became a vegetarian when he retired, and in 1979 he was the presenter of the American TV programme Saturday Night Live. Russell’s life altered radically in the 1990s when he ceased being seen by the public and relocated to Mercer Island, Washington, where he lived like a hermit.

Bill Russell Career Highlight

NameBill Russell, William Felton Russell
BornFebruary 12, 1934
DiedJuly 31, 2022
Bill Russell Height6 ft 10 in
Bill Russell Weight215 lb
Bill Russell Net Worth$10 million
Bill Russell WifeDorothy Anstett (M. 1977–1980), Marilyn Nault (M. 1996–2009), Rose Swisher (M. 1956–1973)

Bill Russell used to play professional basketball in the United States. In 1956, he joined the Boston Celtics. That same year, he was captain of the U.S. men’s basketball team in the Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

Russell participated in 48 NBA games in 1956–57 and averaged 14.7 points per game. The following season, he averaged 16.6 points per game, which was a considerable rise. His career with the Boston Celtics, during which he won thirteen championships (eleven as a player and two as the team’s head coach), is the primary reason for his widespread fame.

Bill Russell Wiki/Biography

On July 31, 2022, Bill Russell passed away at the age of 88 years old. February 12, 1934, was the day he was born. He was born and reared in West Monroe, Louisiana, in the United States, in a very affluent Catholic Christian family. Both his parents and his grandparents were successful businesspeople.

After completing his primary school in the United Kingdom, he continued his study at the McClymonds School in the United States. After that, he signed up to become a University of San Francisco student. Since he was a little boy, he has always shown a greater interest in activities other than schoolwork, such as playing basketball and participating in other extracurricular activities.

Bill Russell’s Personal Life

Rose Swisher was Bill Russell’s undergraduate sweetheart, and the two of them were married in 1956 after dating one other for a while. The relationship between Russell and Swisher ended in 1973. However, the couple was successful in having three children: Jacob, Karen, and William Jr.

After a period of four years, Russell wed Dorothy Ansett, who had previously held the title of Miss United States.

In 1996, Russell Nault and Marilyn Nault became a married couple and tied the knot in a special ceremony. She lived with Russell until the year 2009, when they moved out.

Personal, Family, and Wife

Bill Russell’s parents were named Charles and Katie Russell, and they were married. Mr Charles Russell was Bill Russell’s father, and he worked in the steel industry before Bill took over the family business. Mrs Katie Russell was his mother, and she was a stay-at-home mom all through his childhood.

His brother’s name is Charlie L. Russell if you must know. In 1996, he wed Marilyn Nault and started a family with her. In 1977, he wed Dorothy Anstett and started a family with her.

Bill Russell Net Worth

Bill Russell, a legendary figure in American basketball, had an estimated net worth of $10 million at the time of his death. Bill Russell lived until July 31, 2022, when he died away at the age of 88.

It is widely accepted that Bill Russell was not only a great athlete but also one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game. He was the first athlete of African-American descent to acquire superstar status, and as a result, he broke down boundaries.

Bill Russell was a player of the Boston Celtics, a club that competed in the National Basketball Association, from the year 1956 to the year 1969.They were successful enough to win 11 NBA titles during the course of that stretch of time. In the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), he was the first player of any race to achieve superstar status (NBA).

Five times, he was chosen as the Most Valuable Player, and 12 times, he was named to the All-Star squad. Additionally, Russell served as the captain of the United States basketball team that triumphed in the Summer Olympics in 1956, bringing home the gold medal.

1956 Summer Games

At the Summer Olympics held in Melbourne in 1956, the United States of America’s basketball team was led by Russell. This was prior to his signing with the NBA. He was a key contributor to the team’s victory against the Soviet Union in the championship game, which they won 89-55.

Gerald Tucker was in charge of the squad as the head coach. The squad finished first in the tournament as a result of their overall record, which saw them win by a margin of victory that averaged 53.5 points per game.

Civil Rights

In the 1960s, when the fight for civil rights was at its most intense, he was right there behind Dr Martin Luther King. In 1963, he was there in Washington, District of Columbia, when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

During the time when Muhammad Ali was voicing his opposition to go to Vietnam, he was of assistance to Ali. The National Basketball Players Association was created under his guidance when he was serving as its president.


Russell was one of the first players in the history of the NBA to amass a significant amount of wealth. His contract with the Boston Celtics was for around $24,000 in 1956, which would be equivalent to approximately $239,207 in 2022 dollars.

After Wilt Chamberlain broke the $100,000 wage barrier in 1965 and became the first NBA player to earn that much, Bill Russell went to Red Auerbach and requested a salary of $100,001. When the Celtics hired him as a coach, they paid him an additional $25,000 per year on top of his player income.

During his career in the NBA, Russell was one of the first players to amass a significant amount of wealth for himself. In 1956, he signed his first contract for $24,000. In 1965, Russell had an annual salary of $100,001, which was equivalent to $600,000 after adjusting for inflation. Additionally, he received an additional $25,000 for his dual role as player and coach.

Bill Russell Endorsements

Nobody has any information on the endorsement arrangements involving Russell. Most of his fortune originates from the money he earns in the sports industry, both as a player and a coach.


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What is Bill Russell’s age?

Born on February 12, 1934, he’s 87. In 2022, he died.

How much does Bill Russell have in the bank?

Bill Russell is worth $10 million in total.

Where did Bill Russell get his start?

Monroe, LA is where Bill Russell was born.

Who is Bill Russell’s wife?

Bill Russell is married to Jeannine Russell at the moment.

What year did Bill Russell get picked?

Bill Russell was picked second overall in Round 1 of the first round of the draught in 1956.

Where did Bill Russell play on the court?

Center was the position Bill Russell played.

Bill Russell won how many NBA championships?

Bill Russell has won a total of eleven NBA titles (1957, 1959–1966, 1968, 1969).

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